1. Its re-affirms that for Economic, Political relations and diplomatic relations with any other state may be never be negotiated under the force  of aggression, coercion, or threat;
  2. This clause of Article 16 of Cuba Constitution ratifies its aspiration for a true, dignified and valid peace for all states, based on the respect for sovereignty and independence of the people and their right to free determination, expressed in the liberty to choose their social, political, economic, and cultural system as an essential condition to secure peaceful coexistence between nations;
  3. This Clause sustains the will to observe the norms and principles without restrictions, that constitute international law, in particular the equality of laws, territorial integrity, the independence of states, the non-use of threats of force in international cooperation and international relations for mutual and equal benefit and interest, the peaceful resolution of controversies on the basis of respect, equality and the other principles proclaimed in the United Nations Charter;
  4. This clause of Article 16 reaffirms its will to collaborate and integrate with the countries of Latin American and the Caribbean;
  5. Promotes the unity of all 3rd-World countries and condemns, imperialism, fascism,, neocolonialism, and other forms of subjugation in any of its manifestations;
  6. Promotes the protection and conservation of the environment as well as responding to climate change, colonialism which threatens the survival of the human species, through the recognition of common, yet differential, responsibilities; the establishment of a more just and equitable international economic order as well as the eradication of irrational patterns of production and consumption; (Noted of Article 16)
  7. Defends and protects the enjoyment of human rights and repudiates any manifestation of racism or discrimination (Article 16)
  8. This clause allow Condemnation to indirect or direct intervention in the internal or external affairs of any State and, therefore, also condemns armed aggression, any form of economic or political coercion, unilateral blockades that violate International Law, or any other type of threat or interference to the integrity of the States;