Lizz Truss

Lizz Truss

Lizz Truss


Lizz Truss
Lizz Truss


Britain’s third feminine Prime Minister, Liz Truss, is out of workplace on Thursday when the shortest tenure at ten landscape gardener Street in London and while not a cherished India-UK trade agreement (FTA) beneath her belt as a Brexit prize.

Lizz Truss, United Nations agency till Wed insisted in Parliament that she was a “fighter and not a quitter”, resigned when simply six weeks when her position became indefensible when a series of policy U-turns, cupboard upheavals Associate in Nursing an open revolt against her ability to steer a deeply divided party.

Lizz Truss, United Nations agency in her innings as foreign and trade minister batted for stronger bilateral ties with Bharat, took charge at ten landscape gardener Street last month when defeating Indian-origin ex-chancellor Rishi Sunak within the party leadership race.

Her resignation when forty-five days in workplace makes her the shortest-serving Prime Minister in Britain’s history. The second shortest serving prime minister was Saint George Canning, United Nations agency served for 119 days before he died in workplace in 1827.

The 47-year-old was Janus-faced with one in all the toughest in-trays within the prime job as a results of the spiraling cost-of-living crisis within the country, that rivalled any of the problems Janus-faced by her ladies’ predecessors in workplace, Thatcher and missioner could.

She additionally had to touch upon a fractious party that gave her a smaller margin of conclusion at fifty-seven to forty-three per cent than last electoral Tory party leaders.

On the Bharat front, the previous International Trade Secretary United Nations agency signed off on the India-UK increased Trade Partnership (ETP) for the Boris Johnson crystal rectifier government in could last year resolve to pursue the continued FTA negotiations towards a year-end point as a serious post-Brexit action for the United Kingdom.


Lizz Truss has delineated Bharat as a “big, major opportunity” and believes the United Kingdom and Bharat square measure “in a sweet spot of the trade dynamics that square measure increase.”


“We square measure staring at a comprehensive trade agreement that covers everything, from money services to legal services to digital and information, similarly as product and agriculture. we predict there’s a powerful chance for US to urge Associate in Nursing early agreement, wherever we have a tendency to lower tariffs on either side and begin to visualize additional product flowing between our 2 countries,” she aforementioned presently when language the ETP.


On the campaign path, Truss reaffirmed that she remains “very, terribly committed” to strengthen bilateral ties at a candidature event of the party’s Conservative Friends of Bharat (CFIN) diaspora cluster.

Lizz Truss additionally committed herself to obtaining the India-UK FTA done, ideally by Diwali – the point set by forerunner Boris Johnson – however “definitely by the tip of the year.”


Lizz Truss has repeatedly flagged increased defense and security cooperation with the Indo-Pacific region so as to fulfill her “network of liberty” goals as a counterbalance to the aggression of Russia and China and additionally secure to make sure the UK’s visa regime continues to draw in the “best and brightest” from Bharat.

As foreign secretary, she was at the forefront of the UK’s response to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, imposing robust sanctions and cracking down on Russian assets within the United Kingdom. it’s this crisis that marked what was delineated collectively of the worst in-trays that any new British Prime Minister has Janus-faced, given the spiraling energy prices that have triggered a cost-of-living crisis within the United Kingdom mostly as a result of the continued conflict in Europe.



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