Robbie Coltrane

Robbie Coltrane

Robbie Coltrane
Robbie Coltrane 1950-2022
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Robbie Coltrane

Anthony Henry Martyn Robert McMillan OBE (30 March 1950 – fourteen October 2022), famous professionally as Robbie Coltrane, was a Scottish actor and comedian. He gained worldwide recognition as Rubeus Hagrid within the Harry Potter film series (2001–2011), and as Valentin Dmitrovich Zukovsky within the character films GoldenEye (1995) and also the World isn’t Enough (1999).

Robbie Coltrane was appointed AN OBE within the 2006-year Honours by Queen Queen of England for his services to drama. In 1990, Coltrane received the Evening commonplace British Film Award – player Award for Comedy. In 2011, he was worthy for his “outstanding contribution” to film at land Academy European nation Awards.

Robbie Coltrane ,Coltrane started his career showing aboard Hugh Laurie, author Fry, and Emma Thompson within the sketch series Alfresco (1983–1984). In 1987, he asterisked within the BBC miniseries Tutti Frutti aboard Thompson, that he received his 1st British Academy tv Award for Best Actor nomination.

Robbie Coltrane then gained national prominence leading as criminal man of science Dr. Eddie “Fitz” Fitzgerald within the ITV tv series Cracker (1993–2006), a task that saw him receive land Academy tv Award for Best Actor in 3 consecutive years (1994 to 1996). In 2006, Coltrane came eleventh in ITV’s poll of TV’s fifty Greatest Stars, voted by the general public.[2] In 2016 he asterisked within the four-part Channel four series National Treasure aboard Julie Walters, a task that he received a British Academy tv Award nomination.

Coltrane appeared in 2 films for St. George Harrison’s oversewn Films: the Neil Jordan neo – noir Mona Lisa (1986) with Bob Hoskins, and Nuns on the Run with Eric Idle.

Robbie Coltrane conjointly appeared in Kenneth Branagh’s William Shakspere adaptation Henry V (1989), the comedy Let It Ride (1989), Roald Dahl’s Danny, the Champion of the planet (1989), Steven Soderbergh’s crime-comedy heroic tale Ocean’s Twelve (2004), Rian Johnson’s caper film The Brothers Bloom (2008), electro-acoustic transducer Newell’s Dickens film adaptation nice Expectations (2012), and Emma Thompson’s biographic film Effie grey (2014). He was conjointly famous for his voice performances within the animated films the story of Despereaux (2008), and Pixar’s Brave (2012).

Early life and education

Coltrane was born Anthony Henry Martyn Robert McMillan on thirty March 1950 in Rutherglen, Scotland, the son of Jean Ross Howie, a lecturer and instrumentalist, and Ian Baxter McMillan, a doctor WHO conjointly served as a rhetorical police doctor.[3] He had AN older sister, Annie, and a younger sister, Jane.[4][5][circular reporting?] Coltrane was the great-grandson of Scottish bourgeois Thomas W. Howie and also the kinsman of bourgeois Forbes Howie.[6]

He started his education at dirt track House college in Newton Mearns before moving to Glenalmond school, AN freelance college in Perthshire. tho’ he later delineate his experiences there as deeply sad, he vie for the football game 1st XV, was head of the school’s debating society, and won prizes for his art.[7] From Glenalmond, Coltrane went on to urban center college of Art, wherever he was ridiculed for “having AN accent like aristocrat Charles” (which he quickly disposed of, tho’ not before gaining the nickname “Lord Fauntleroy”), and thenceforth eel House school of Education (now a part of the University of capital) in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Coltrane later immersed non-public colleges to be prohibited and won’t to be referred to as “Red Robbie”,[8] rebel against his conservative upbringing through involvement with Amnesty International, Greenpeace, the political party, and also the Campaign for Nuclear disarming.

Coltrane in costume within the Eighties

Coltrane affected into acting in his early twenties, taking the anonym Coltrane (in tribute to jazz player John Coltrane) [9] and dealing in theatre and comedy. He appeared within the 1st theatre production of John Byrne’s The Block Boys, at the Traverse Theatre in capital (1978).[10] His comic skills brought him roles within the drawing Presents (1982–2012) series [11] (in 1993 he directed and co-wrote the episode “Jealousy” for series 5),[12] in addition because the comedy sketch show Alfresco (1983–1984). In 1984 he appeared in an exceedingly Kick Up the Eighties (Series 2) and laugh??? I Nearly Paid My Licence Fee, and is attributable as a author for each.[13][14]


Robbie Coltrane affected into roles in films like Flash Gordon (1980), Death Watch (1980), Balham, entree to the South (1981), Scrubbers (1983), Krull (1983), The blabber (1985), Defense of the Realm (1985), Absolute Beginners (1986), Mona Lisa (1986), and appeared as “Annabelle” within the slot (1988).

On tv, Robbie Coltrane appeared within the Young Ones, Tutti Frutti (1987), as writer in Blackadder the Third (1987) [15] (a role he later reprised within the additional serious Boswell and Johnson’s Tour of the Western Islands (1993)), LWT’s The Robbie Coltrane Special (1989) (which he conjointly co-wrote) [16], and in different stand-up and sketch comedy shows. He vies a part of fictitious character in Kenneth Branagh’s Henry V (1989). He co-starred with Eric Idle in Nuns on the Run (1990) and vie the Pope within the Pope should Die (1991). He conjointly vies a would-be PI enthusiastic about actor within the TV film The Bogie Man (1992).[17]

His roles continuing within the Nineteen Nineties with the TV series Cracker (1993–1996, returning in 2006 for a happening special), during which he asterisked as rhetorical man of science Dr. Edward “Fitz” Fitzgerald.[18] The role won him 3 BAFTA awards.[7]

Roles in larger films followed: the character films Golden Eye (1995) and also the World isn’t Enough (1999), a supporting role in From Hell (2001), in addition as half-giant Rubeus Hagrid within the Harry Potter films (2001–2011). J. K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, had Coltrane at the highest of her list to play Hagrid and, once asked whom she would really like to ascertain within the role, responded “Robbie Coltrane for Hagrid” in one fast breath.[19][20]

Robbie Coltrane conjointly bestowed variety of documentary programme for land ITV network based mostly around his twin passions for travel and transportation. Coltrane in an exceedingly Cadillac (1993) saw him cross North America from la to the big apple town behind the wheel of a 1951 Cadillac Series sixty-two auto convertible, a journey of three,765 miles (6,059 km), that he completed in thirty-two days.[21][22]

In 1997, Coltrane appeared in an exceedingly series of six programmes below the title Coltrane’s Planes and vehicles, during which he extolled the virtues of the external-combustion engine, the ICE, the compressor, the V8 engine, the two-stroke engine, and also the reaction engine. In these programme he razed and restored many engines. He conjointly single-handed removed the engine from a Trabant automotive in twenty-three minutes.[23]

In Sep 2006, Coltrane was voted No. eleven in ITV’s TV’s fifty Greatest Stars and sixth in an exceedingly poll of 2000 adults across the United Kingdom to seek out the ‘most known Scot’, behind the loch Monster, Burns, Sean Connery, Henry Martyn Robert the Bruce, and William Wallace.[2]

In August 2007, Coltrane bestowed a series for ITV referred to as B-Road United Kingdom, during which he traveled from London to urban center, stopping in cities and villages on the method.[24]

Personal life and death

Coltrane married Rhona Gemmell on eleven Dec 1999. The couple had 2 children: son Herbert Spencer (b. 1992), and female offspring Alice (b. 1998). Coltrane and Gemmell separated in 2003, and later single.[25]

Coltrane suffered from degenerative joint disease in later life. He aforementioned he was in “constant pain all day” in 2016, and from 2019 on the utilized a chair.[26]

During the campaign for the 2014 Scottish independence vote, Coltrane voiced his conditional support for independence, stating that “I’d eventually prefer to see independence – however solely AN freelance Labour European nation.”[27]

Coltrane died at the age of seventy-two at Forth vale Royal Hospital in Larbert on fourteen October 2022, when having been in pathological state for 2 years


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Robbie Coltrane


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