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Syllabus of AIBE

Syllabus of AIBE

All India Bar Examination 18th is going to be held on 5th February 2023. Registration is open from 13th December 2022 to the Closing of online registration on 16th January 2023, payment can be done by 19th January 2023.

“It is hereby reiterated and clarified any Advocate who has graduated after July 2010 can appear in All India Bar Examination as many times as it requires him or her to pass such exam irrespective of the fact that he or she has been enrolled for more than two years as an Advocate on a state bar council roll. The concerned advocate is only barred from practicing as an advocate if even after two years of being enrolled as an advocate on a state bar council roll, he or she is unable to clear/pass the AIBE – All-India Bar Examination”.

Here you find the syllabus of AIBE.

Syllabus of AIBE
Syllabus of AIBE

10 Marks [10*3=30]

Constitutional Law

Cr.P.C 1973 (Criminal Procedure code)

C.P.C 1908 (Civil Procedure Code)

8 Marks [8*4=32]

Law of Contract, Specific relief Act, Property law & Negotiable Instrument Act

Evidence Act

I.P.C 1860

family Law

5 Marks [5*1=5]

Law of Torts, Motor vehicle act & Consumer Protection Law

4 Marks [4*5=20]

Alternative dispute redressal including arbitration act.

public interest litigation

Professional Ethics, cases of professional misconduct under BCI rules

Labour law & Industrial laws

Taxation Law

3 Marks [3*1=3]

Administrative law

2 Marks [2*5=10]

Intellectual Property Laws

Land acquisition act

Company Law

Cyber Law

Environment Law









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